Healthcare Consulting Suites providing compassionate, quality medical care.

Beautiful medical consulting suites located in the heart of Thirroul.Supported by our dedicated team of secretaries and nursing staff.Tenanted by medical professionals providing compassionate, quality medical care.

Healthcare Consulting Suites providing compassionate, quality medical care.

Doctors' Values

  1. Evidence Based Care

    Committed to keeping up with advancements in medicine and therapies.
    Relying on experts to analyse the latest research and inform our decision making.

  2. Integrity

    Valuing authenticity, honesty, and genuineness.
    Being highly experienced and qualified but not claiming to know everything. In the case of not knowing, endeavouring to find out, or referring to someone who knows.

  3. Empowerment

    Aiming to empower our patients to make the best decisions about their health and lifestyle choices, through education, understanding and collaboration.

  4. Diversity

    Acknowledging and respecting the whole range of human experience including culture, (dis)ability, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and religion.

  5. Respect

    Respecting our patients and their choices and expecting respect in return.
    Not tolerating bullying or harassment by staff or patients.

  6. Innovation

    Being ‘early adopters’ of technology and seeking ways to improve our work through the use of technology.

  7. Environmental Sustainability

    Committed to recycling materials where we can, minimising the use of paper, and avoiding plastic in our workplace.
    Carbon offsetting electricity use.

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