Seacliff Healthcare is a private practice. We hope our service will be accessible to all members of our community. However we acknowledge that Medicare is unable to adequately fund the level of service that we wish to provide.


Medicare requires that new patients attend for a face to face consultation in order to receive a medicare rebate, except during a covid lockdown.

Please note that if you have seen your doctor at Campus Clinic within the past 12 months, you will be eligible for a medicare rebate for a telephone or video consultation at Seacliff Healthcare.

Recent changes to Medicare:

As of July 2021, there is no longer a Medicare rebate for long telephone consultations (20 mins or more), only short ones, but there is for long video consultations.Fees must be paid on the day of service and can be paid by EFTPOS. We can transmit your claim electronically to Medicare for you to receive your rebate on the same day.

New patients (who have not been seen by our doctors at Seacliff or Campus Clinic) can receive a medicare rebate for a face to face appointment only (not a telephone or video consultation), unless they meet the following criteria: during a lockdown, if they have Covid-19 or are waiting to receive the result for a Covid test, if they are aged less than 1 year, are homeless or in quarantine.

Overseas Students UOW:
People without medicare are welcome to attend Seacliff Healthcare. We are unable to directly bill your fee to your insurer however. Fees must be paid upfront on the day and then claimed back from your insurer.

Consultation fees

Standard Fee = medicare rebate plus $40
Discounted Fee = medicare rebate plus $25 (this fee is for children, full time students under 30 years, health care card and Centrelink pension card holders if not eligible for bulk billing below)

Fees must be paid on the day of service and can be paid by EFTPOS or credit card. We can transmit your claim electronically to Medicare for you to receive your rebate on the same day. Medicare rebates are generally time based. For a full list of current general practice related medicare rebates, please see

bulk billing

We are happy to bulk bill existing patients who are experiencing severe financial distress or are undergoing treatment for serious illness eg cancer. Please discuss with your doctor.

Other consultations which are routinely bulk billed include: Childhood vaccinations, Flu vaccines/Covid vaccines, Vitamin B12 injections, STI screening for students.

Patients who have a Centrelink health care card or Pension card, are existing patients of the practice and have an up to date GP management plan, GP Management Care Plan/Chronic disease care plan, Health assessments – over 70 years and aged 45-49 , mental health plans and reviews will be bulk billed.

Information about care plans is found here.

The fee for Shared Antenatal Care is medicare plus $100 for the first consultation and then bulk billed for all appointments after that.

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